Top Interior Designing Trends of 2020

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The new year is a fresh start. And to give your home a fresh look, we are here to update you with the latest trends that are in and out this year. Here are some influential trends in 2020 that are set to bring warmth and comfort to your homes this year.

  1. Neutrals: In interior design, ‘neutral’ means ‘without any colours’. Neutral shades like white, black, and grey appear to be incomplete colours. Neutrals come with undertones. Such as white with an underlying tone of ivory or peach, and beige with underlying tones of gold or pink. Warm neutral colors like hues from red to yellow are set to make their way in and cool neutrals like hues from blue to green fade into the background. With neutral colors, let’s not forget the power of neutral decor as they make an excellent choice for walls and also are great options for furniture and bedding. Using neutral colors on the walls gives you the freedom to use multiple colors without giving an overwhelming appearance to your room. Not only are they visually relaxing but also go with different tastes while striking perfect balance while using colors.
  2. Black and white in interior designing: Black and white are literally the start and end of the color palate. The use of black and white can create a stunning and dramatic decor while maintaining the perfect balance. Black and white give any room a fresh and elegant look. The advantage of using black and white is the two colors compliment each other perfectly. Using black and white in interiors adds drama and sophistication both to the room while creating a style that’s classic and simple at the same time.
  3. Geometric Patterns: Geometric patterns are a modern trend in interior design. Geometry helps in creating balance and harmony in rooms while adding an interesting yet fresh touch to home decoration. You can make a statement with bold and vibrant geometric patterns. All home furniture, when put in a useful and pleasant way, adds beauty and comfort to interior design. Modern interior design and decoration, when done with geometry, harmonizes and balances the living spaces.
  4. Maximalism Design: Maximalism design means a bold mix of colors, patterns, and texture with special importance on layering and collections. The philosophy behind the trend is ‘more is more’. Maximalism is about embracing the grandiosity. It is all about mixing styles with colors, patterns, and textures and creating something over the top and eccentric. While Maximalism trend is making its way in, you have to take care to not overdo it. 
  5. The return of black color: Black is back, and bigger than ever! Designing firms predict black everything from cabinets to sinks, paints, and countertops will be one of the top trends in 2020. Black makes for a great backdrop for lots of textures and colors. Incorporate black through subtle hints in the accessories and furnishing of your space. One of the opinions while using black in interior design is that it looks the space look dark and smaller. To overcome this problem, be sure to use hints of contrasting colors and splashes of white in your decor and furnishing.

While trends are a great source of inspiration and something to go forward with to keep in check whether you have the perfect house or not, you don’t have to feel pressured to incorporate them in their entirety. You can take two or more trends and use them in a way that feels subtle and livable to you. 

With our holistic approach to interior design, our main objective is to bring the vision of a client’s dream home to life. When it comes to redesigning your home it’s not necessary that you blindly follow these trends in fact it’s the incorporation of the elements that brings real personality and elegance to your home and we aspire to do exactly that. Our client’s vision of their home is always a top priority whenever we start a project.   

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